sNeAk a pEek iNsIde tHe bloG oF cUyA..wHo pRomIsEs dAt EveryThIng sHe wrItEs iS tRue or At LeaSt aS trUe aS it NeeDs to Be..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

weekend cuya minggu ni :)

buat keje giler. drive pegi kuantan.
sbb bosan punye pasal.

1st pegi indera sempurna amik minah cenget nie.
then , movee time.
cite men pilih jer. sbb tatau cite pe best.

tgk 3 musketeer (tah btul ker tidak aku eja nie) haha
cite 4.2o. mase tu, time yg left pgi shopping sat..
dpt beg baru :)
tgk jam.4.30.
dah lwt kot..masuk dlm..
kebetulan cite tu tulis kat bwh. 3 years ago...

*aik 10 min lewat. 3 tahun kitorg ketinggalan. :)
cite mcm boring , igt nk tido..
eh eh , hero die cute. cite n best giler.tak jadi tido.
hbs movee...keje ktorg pastu asyik mknmkn.
mkn jer yg tau. len2 tak.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

beza org berusia sikit , ngn muda bnyak . :)

abaikan minah kat atas tu sat. haha..

oke , pe yang nak story sal entry nie ialah :-

last two days. cuya ade pegi kenduri laa...
yang kahwin nie.. mmg agak muda laa...
sangat2 muda...
pe yang cuya perasaan kat wedding tuuu.
nie nk buat perbandingan between org berusia sikit n org muda bnyak.

hantaran dorg :
: Al-Quran :
: Jam rolex :
: Sepasang persalinan :
: Kasut :
: Sejadah :
: Sirih ( normal la kan ) :
: Perfume :
and so on la kan..

but .

utk yang .

-hantaran dorg :
: Wallet Quiksilver. :
: Frogskin :
: G-shock :
: Nike Tee :
: Levis Jeans :
: Zara Blouse :
and so on laa..

p/s : klu die pnye hubby mat rempit? mesti kasi arai or j-force kan ?lantak la.btul tak eja tuu..

memang byk bezanyerkan...
kalau kahwin di usia yang sangat sangat muda ...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

saya jadi bidan :)

tanggal 15hb september.
lahirlah ank2 comel bambi .
bambi tu ape ?
bambi tu guinea pig kawan cuya .
time dorg lahir nie kawan cuya kat hometown.
emergency leave sbb her mum sakit.

lahirnye baby2 junior nie kat tangan cuya.

dri kiri ,
bapak die : sheep .
sam ,
ibu die : bambi.

reti plak duk diam dorg nie time cuya nk snap pic.
orlando ngn sam tu milik cuya.
i'm the new owner.
i named it.
others tu milik roomate. - azieynessa.

selang beberapa hari .
gp my babe aiko plak yg giving birth.
due ekor jer.
name : bonna n bonnie. hahaha

p/s : sory lmbt buat entry . haha

hanna's special day :)

mastermind --'


'she' seem so happy talking about her special day .
I would like to thnx to my babe that made it special for her :)
i heart you fafa .
this picture are a view through my window .
I saw it and I snap it ,
did you guys like it ?
on my right , I saw a woman dancing :)

woah . at the moment.
*sungguh indah ciptaan Tuhan . :D

i cant improve on saturday.. changing it..

dis wil b another saturday..but i will
also hav aimless quality of a sunday..

u cant get all ur fun juz 2 saturdays..
so..dis is a bonus third...

nobody likes weekdays..
(dats y they're called "weak days")
lets get them all over it..

ok..its weekday..
but friday are very important for
planning ur saturday...

dis is an entire day dats nothing
but friday night all day long..

7 x 7 equal too ?

sandwich tuna , banana pancake ,and milo shake for my dinner :)

dinner last nite , mmg agak bodoh skit. :)
klu you guys tau . 7 x 7 jwpn die brp ?
but dorg nie. tah sengaja ker or mmg tatau jwpn nyer.

me : gee , 7x7 =
gee : 39.
me : kin 7x7 = 140.
kin : 140 lah weyh...
me : aziey , 7x7 =
aziey : eerr.. 14 ahh . tnye g...
me : !@@##^&%()#
fafa : nape nie ? ( die bru lpas on call ngn seseorg )
me : 7x7 bape ? terus tnye.
fafa : 49 ahh...
me : woah . anda hebatt...budak2 nie sngaje ke ape.huhu..
* sejam lebih cuya tggu video nie nk upload kat blog. video cuya soal dorg pasal nie . tnpa dorg perasan :) sory guys.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

it all ends .

no more harry potter after this... ;)

when i watch dis movee at cin. ohh gosh. curious came out.

a lil bit sad to know that it already come to the end.

but very happy to be able to see it .

no one knows that severus snape. one of harry enemy i think was a very kind a person. he loves harry very much. when i watch that part. i began to cry :')
ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER - harry potter son :) named by the best principal in hogwarts .

all of my collection are complete.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

why me ?

Ditipu , Tertipu , Kena Tipu !

sama jer kan ?

bila ditanya .

- tak , sumpah saya tak tipu..

bila ada bukti.

masih dgn jawapan yang sama.

bila dipesan.

-yes hunny. i dga ckap you !
( knp aku jer yang kna dga. but not you? )

bila mata melihat .

hati sakit .
jiwa kacau.
terasa perit.
semua !

tapi semua tu dipendam. atas dasar sayang .

betul ker salah.

si jejaka bahagia dgn penipuannya..

si gadis. hanya mampu tersenyum.sedangkan hati ?
hanya Tuhan yang tau.

mengertilah wahai kau ank ADAM :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

love story :)

I want you .
Only you.
you're so cute baby.
you ate a lot :)
you hair . I like the most .
I love when u tell me a story about your fish .
not for me. ^^

once I met a boy like you.

One day . we'll be together and never be seperated :)
ececeh.... i hope so ..

hanna has been like this eversince she watch a very sad sad love story :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II

-from the first screen test with principal cast-


-this summer-

it ends ..

-where it all began-

-on july 15th-

the epic conclusion

-on the worldwide phenomenon-

Well, in part II,of the epic finale,the battle between the good and evil forces of the Wizarding world escalates into an all out of war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climatic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here.

"and its time to finish what i've started...
1 of harry best dialog :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

resentful !

yess !
what do you expect huh ?

mine n others privacy oke ?
asal ? da ramai sgt ker yang nak masuk rumah nie yang kau kepoh sgt ?
sangap duit sgt ker ?
mmg la tu hak kau..
barang aku kau jgn la usik !
sbb tu BARANG aku !
dah laa kau sepah kan..
ehh.. kau sumbat plak bwh katil ?
terbaekk ahh...
kiranya kau ingat aku takan jmpe la tuu..
chewahh..tak jumpenyerr... kan 3?
btw , nie hostel ker umah sewa weyh ?
umah sewa kan ?
yg men selamba derk masuk bilik ppuan tu kenapa PAKCIK ?
ehh..mane bleh men redah2 jer...
rumah nie aku sewa kott...
mane bleh kan ..
aku pn ade umah sewa jgk..
tapi tade ahh aku men suke2 jer nk pg masuk ..
yela..mentang2 tu umah aku..
so , aku bleh sesuka hati jer...
org dah sewa..kita kena la hormat kan ?
dah la tipu aku lak tu..

"ehh .. blik skrg.. nk masuk blik nie..tade kunci .."
-die mak aku ker ?
" hah ? tade kunci ? nga mkn nie"
" blik lahh..nk letak tade kunci "
" haa..oke..pas mkn sy blik "
- aik..ckp tade kunci..yg bnde nie dah ade terbongkang kat bilik aku nie cmner die masukkan ?pkai tgkap ker ?

yang die rajin sgt pergi beli semua bnde nie kenapa?
buat semak jer..
penat aku kemas2 nie..aduhh..


tuan rumah ape lahh cmnie -.-'

Friday, June 3, 2011

listen :)

: ROUND 1:
-He ask me on a date . then-

-I'll primp but wont be late. because-

-Is when we kiss inside his car. Wont go all the way but i'll go pretty fa-ar -

-He ask me for my hand and then-

-We'll book the wedding band so by-

-Much to your suprise-

everybody says that a guy who such a gem , wont look my way :)

'Gone Missing'

" You know what " I said.

" What? "

" We both ought to get out. Not just me ! Both of us . "

Honey hooked her hair back over her ears . I remember her eyes went all big and apprehensive . " you mean - "

" Leave home ! "

" Like run away ? "

" Yes . Absolutely ! Why not ? "

Honey whispered : " You're not serious ? "

I told her that I was in deadly earnest . I really meant it ! This wasn't just one of my fantasies.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

over the moon .

life is so weird ; nothing but ups and downs . I can't keep track of it ! one minute it's like whoosh , whiz , sizzle ! You're over the moon . And the next , back down to earth with a huge great thump . Down into a pit , full of gloom and despondency and deep dark despair . Which is where I was last night . I just didn't see how mum could be so mean . So utterly without any sympathy or understanding for my plight . Life is almost didn't seem worth living . Whereas today - wheee ! All of sudden , I 'm back over the moon . Half way to venus ! practically out of sight . I can go to the party after all !!!

No thnx to mum.. (but still luvyou) But hooray Dad ! he is THE BEST . I can always rely on Dad to stick up for me .

Friday, May 20, 2011

let's pretend this never happened .

PS : if this is you " angeline ", reading this.. then you are officially busted. I happen to have this entire room under hidden video surveillance. and in just a moment, little doors will slide open and flesh- eating rats will stream into the room . and, like tiny venomous cowboys , scorpion will be riding the rats. so its curtains for you, Angeline ! mwah-hah-hah-hah !

behave la weyh ... haa..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pre-wedding of her own hand :)

ini hasil nyerr...
edit tuuu...
tatau laa..lawa or tak...
mcm failed jer an ?

the most memorable memoirs :)

i'll cover yuu...always :)

take my heart .. and i'll be yours forever... :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

pre wedding (:

based on the true story..
dapat job baru tuk "pre-wedding" cik mieza ....
saat yang dinantikan da tibe...
da lame tggu peluang cmnie...
about the plan for those "pre wedding"
die nk ala2 picnik gtu...sweetkan..
macam pic kat bawah nie..

but , about pic tuu..macam tak oke tuk kita org islam nie kan ?
yela.."pre wedding" tu just click tuk hav fun n memorable memories..
kita org islam..blum sah jadi suami isteri..
pic cmtu taley naaa :)

about 2nd pic ... i really2 luv it !
apple ngn aku ?
mmg taley jauh...
most of my pic..ade apple2 gitu...
knp apple?
apple nie sweet...
bila duk lam pic lagi nmpak sweet pic tu kan ?

dis one ..saya amik dgn kwn....
"pre-wedding" yg sgt2 simple but ADORABLE !
kan ?
ta perlu bnyk props ..
baju pn tayah sewa...
kos yang murah ,saving, n satisfaction

about cik mieyza...
die ckp nak buat 2 scene...

1) scene ala - ala picnik ..
2) scene awk tolong cdgkan ... aik ? haha

2nd scene.. I already thought about it....
just now jer...haha .. lame kan ?

saya nk buat kat dlm BAS !
kononnyer tunang cik nk ushalan cik...hehe
amacam .. oke tak ?

p/s : cikfa blik cpat, PA awk da ta sabar nie..hehe -.-'

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

susahnyer -.-

kenapa ?
kenapa ?
kenapa ?

yeayy ! sbb printer ye..sbb printer aku kena marah..sebab printer aku kena tengking . pehal nie?adoii....printer jer kot...

sori sbb sshkan awk..
sori sbb habiskan kertas..
sori sbb buat awk tekanan..

but how bout me.. did u care about my feelings about what hav u done last nite...

2:10 pm : i'm still waiting ... my stomach ? ( @#$@^^*&^(&$#% )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

apa nie ?

: bukan sekali , bukan 2 kali , tp da bnyk kali terjadi :

1st of all , aku tanak maki sape2..aku ase aku baik ag nie...

pe gunenyer nota kecik aku yg chantek2 tu lau da ta bg means tuk aku kat sini !
pe mknenyer aku kat sini lau dah tak dihargai lagi ??

to u .. c *****.....

nape saya dilayan cmnie ?not fair oke ? ta ptut u treat me like dis , ade ker ptut aku kena amik just 3 subject foe this sem ? ohh , i already imagine how my money flew away.. samely , if i get a lighter then , i burn it all .. same yeah ? coz giving it all for no reason .

antara reason knp amik 3 :

1. kena pergi karoke tuk mewakili school .
2. must get A on pengajian malaysia..

yess aku admitt...
mmg la kena dpt A for those the 1st reason tu aku mmg taley blah kott... :|

sedih meyh ....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hazim 's 1st driving ..

:Tiqa experience with hazim's driving ... :

1. She almost got killed cause he forgot to signal .
2. He keep using the long way ended up in a traffic jam .
3. Car was wet cause he forgot to close the window when we left the car .
4. H e forgot to brake when he got out from the car wanting to take the parking ticket .

but, they still in one piece . Alhamdullillah .. :)

bau yang menghangatkan ..


antara saya ,azieynessa n fafa

azieynessa : bang , nak durian yang kecik tu...
abg durian : cukup ahh sutil ?
kami ber3: cukup bang .. nak makan bese - bese jer .. ( muka bnyk senyum )
abg durian : yg nie orp ? nak mkan sini ker ?! ( sambil pegang durian ngan golok )
saya : dop , abg timbang dulu !
abg durian : timbang doh ..rm22 se !
kami ber3 : hah ? kecik ngat durian tu bang ..dop cukup tu.... ( pdahal dop cukup bajet )

kami pun berlalu pergi ...dengan muka yang penuh slamber...
abg durian ?ntah..biarlah dia dengan duriannya...
dalam hati ? ( hehehehehe...ketawa sopan ) :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the secret life...

some people keep diaries : i am going to keep an alphabet .. why ? ask me then.. oke, esok smbung cite nie..cikfa nak on :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

need you to be more understanding me ..

based on the true story....

cuya is already so over to him ? but why you cant be more understand me as i understand you..all of your needed , time , hang out , i can understand you... even you dont wish me to do it... bcoz what am i doin , cause i need u to repay me.. i dont mean anythin else.. just want you to treat me as what a gurl need to be treat.. not with blinking my eyes with wealthy ! cause i'm not sum1 like dat .. not such a materialistic person..i just want your love.. and thats enough ! not more ... but why you cant give me dat ??

you always said dat u know me more than anybody else did .. but i think u're not.. u dont even know me as much as i know u babe...

you always said dat you try to understand me.. u said TRY , but i dont think u,re trying ...

now... i,m speechless ...
let it be only me myself n I dat know how it feels to be treated like dis.. n wont be anybody else :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

its yuuu :)

Oh his eyes, his eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
His hair, his hair
Falls perfectly without him trying

He's so wonderful
And I tell him every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment him
He wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think he don't see what I see

But every time he asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause boy you're amazing
Just the way you are

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

Cause boy you're amazing
Just the way you are

Saturday, March 26, 2011

my nose .. auch..

oh did u see my flat shoee...
those purple colour change to chocolate..
guess what ?
tercelup lam sloup !
hahaha teruk kan ?
ohh my precious baby...y y y ?

renjis renjis :)

based on the true story.....

i hav a wedding invitation today...
my sedara sedara mybe.. but i dun
really how we are related ? lame... haha...

bertemakan hijau .. go go green day ! aukkk ...

but me ? cant you see ? i'm wearing pink ... coz i dun hav any green kurung ...
p/ss : cant u guys see i'm wearing tudung ? hahaha ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

awkward :|

early in the morning...

7:10 am : bgn laa.. akak na pegi skool da nie.. ( haa.. sokay , minah nie pnye pasal. ak bgn )

7:15 am : mornink sygg ! ( yess , already woke up )

7:30 am : felt kinna sleepy lagi.. try to sleep again n again ...

7:45 am : wth ? been struggling of thinkin about one short text message from u...

.........................................thinkin .....................................................................

try not to blame anyody..
try not to judge without knowing the answer yet...

9:45 am : already get to know the answer...

- in my mind - fuhhh... take a deep breath of relief ...

still bleeping... p/s : getting to know more answer...more question came out too..

10:45 am : grab sum breaksfast..ohh no.. BRUNCH .. sorry .. ;)

1:00 pm : those bleeping and she's smilling like an entire whole world know her.. HAHA

2:00 pm : those bleeping ? naa...neva heard anymore.. but wait until 5...

2:39 pm : i ate all choc in the fridge ( just now )

2:45 pm : i dunno wat to do ... blablabla.. boring :|

4.00 pm : tgk dunia luar jap.. hee.. tade pe jugak.. masuk blik...

5:00 pm : my bleeping bussiness da bunyi...hee..

6:10 pm : lelapkan mata sekejap ;)

7:30 pm : grab sum dinner wit mumy n dady .. just 3 of us.. another 3 person at legend hotel..

8:00 pm : woke him up !

8:00 pm : bleeping.. smiling :)

10:00 pm : no more bleeping ... frustating ;(

12 :10 pm : online... :)

lastly.. try to get sum sleep ! :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

hepi bornday cuya...

hepi birthday to you..
hepi birthday to you..
hepi birthday to cuya..
hepi birthday to you..

how old are you now ?
its 20 meyh ..
shitt.. i'm growing now.. :)

p/s : kek cuya senget on dat day :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hepi bday daddy....


You tucked me in turned out the light..
Kept me safe and sound at night..
Little girls depend on things like dat..
Brushed my teeth and combed my hair..
Had to drive me everywhere..
You were always there when i looked back..
You had to do it..
Make a living , make a home..
Must have been as hard as it could be..
And when i couldn't sleep at nite..
Scared things wouldn't turn out right ..
You would hold my hand and sing to me..

Luv u moremoremore !

My handsome , awesome , sporting , unique , adorable daddy i've eva had !

Thnx foe everything u had done to me..since i was born to this lovely wide world !

The best daddy ever ever had !

Monday, February 14, 2011

wishlist on 18th :)

-happiness ( most )
-new look foe bedroom
-those new puma - purple ish
-new HP
-special day celebration
-pixie ! HAHA
-cover foe lappy
-OHH.. banana peel..
-eat sticky on dis day :)
-shaun :)
-choc indulgent .
-movee until midnite
-new baju kurung :)
-new "nose"
-new flip flop
-ticket foe maroon 5 konsert . - adam lavine HOTT !
-new accesorries ..
-new tee
whoa whoa.. enough cuya......da lebih kau ! HAHA...

p/s : sera tanak nana peel.. nak pixie :)

kau pergi...

nie cik lat...aka bulat.. dgn laptop auntienyer....cikfaa....

malam maal hijrah die da pergi tglkan kitorg kat sni... sad meyh...

cuya dapat bulat nie dri en.nuxe..present tuk cuya sbb result final agak gempak jgk sem tu...
nama die xtually tuka sbb dak2 nie susah nak sebut...

smlm die oke jer.. still men ngn bnda bulat die tuh.. cuya admit.. lately.. cuya tak amik tau sgt sal die..kdg2 igt..kdg2 tak..

tit , thnx aw.. jage die beberapa ari nie...

tadi.. niat nak tuka stuff die sbb da tnguh lu.. ( nie la akibat )

tgk ta gerak suda .. lat...
mumy soe kayh ???..............

regret giler babi .. sumpah !

b.. soe kayh ? tak jage die leklok ;(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

what's playing on my mind now ?

mumy...i was crying tonite...sumpah i need u mumy ...blik plss... rindu sgt .. :( i've make my mistake..i knoe dat..sumpah perlu dirimu !!! aukkk....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday 13

So tell me , dear bloggy .. if you were something small and ghastly , like a tiny , hairy creature that lived i a shower drain , and two beautiful fairy princesses took the time out from their very busy schedules to transform you into some sort of flying sparkling unicorn with diamond hooves that could shoot rainbow butterflies out its ears , would you just decide to throw it all away ? and cram yourself into the shower drain ? :)

sambal belacan hidupku..

lau bace aku pnye title tuk post nie .. macam bodoh kan ? ahah.. ta kisah laa.. nie aku nak cite sal asam garam... rempah ratus hidup aku kat sni..selama aku menetap di us ..kenalkan.. nie la bidadari yang menemani aku selama nie :)

<--nie cik scha yng suke diam jer keje dia..ta bising sgt .. best sakat die woo..suke duk celah katil ..HAHA :)

nie plak cikfa.. skrg stdy jaoh.. stdy jaoh tuh.. haha .. die tade..aku susah nkg kelas..ahha..die da kua dri us.but will come back soon -->

<--nie ibu .. aka ckin..
tunangan org ya pak..
she's our tourist guide

yang kecek nie pulak..
azie..suke gelak jer keje die..tu jer yang die tau..
she cooks too :)-->

<--yang nie plak pertama yang aku tego time aku masuk lam umah nie..hav a nice voice also :)

nie gee.. my soul.. aww..
teman tido aku..teman makan aku..blablabla..
haa.. semua aku buat overall ngn die jer :)-->

dan begitulah alkisah sikit sikit sal penghuni us nie..ade lagi sorg yang selalu ngn kitorg jugak..but sorry to say.. die tak suke bergambar..n i dunno much bout her :(