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Thursday, June 2, 2011

over the moon .

life is so weird ; nothing but ups and downs . I can't keep track of it ! one minute it's like whoosh , whiz , sizzle ! You're over the moon . And the next , back down to earth with a huge great thump . Down into a pit , full of gloom and despondency and deep dark despair . Which is where I was last night . I just didn't see how mum could be so mean . So utterly without any sympathy or understanding for my plight . Life is almost didn't seem worth living . Whereas today - wheee ! All of sudden , I 'm back over the moon . Half way to venus ! practically out of sight . I can go to the party after all !!!

No thnx to mum.. (but still luvyou) But hooray Dad ! he is THE BEST . I can always rely on Dad to stick up for me .

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