sNeAk a pEek iNsIde tHe bloG oF cUyA..wHo pRomIsEs dAt EveryThIng sHe wrItEs iS tRue or At LeaSt aS trUe aS it NeeDs to Be..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

why me ?

Ditipu , Tertipu , Kena Tipu !

sama jer kan ?

bila ditanya .

- tak , sumpah saya tak tipu..

bila ada bukti.

masih dgn jawapan yang sama.

bila dipesan.

-yes hunny. i dga ckap you !
( knp aku jer yang kna dga. but not you? )

bila mata melihat .

hati sakit .
jiwa kacau.
terasa perit.
semua !

tapi semua tu dipendam. atas dasar sayang .

betul ker salah.

si jejaka bahagia dgn penipuannya..

si gadis. hanya mampu tersenyum.sedangkan hati ?
hanya Tuhan yang tau.

mengertilah wahai kau ank ADAM :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

love story :)

I want you .
Only you.
you're so cute baby.
you ate a lot :)
you hair . I like the most .
I love when u tell me a story about your fish .
not for me. ^^

once I met a boy like you.

One day . we'll be together and never be seperated :)
ececeh.... i hope so ..

hanna has been like this eversince she watch a very sad sad love story :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II

-from the first screen test with principal cast-


-this summer-

it ends ..

-where it all began-

-on july 15th-

the epic conclusion

-on the worldwide phenomenon-

Well, in part II,of the epic finale,the battle between the good and evil forces of the Wizarding world escalates into an all out of war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climatic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here.

"and its time to finish what i've started...
1 of harry best dialog :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

resentful !

yess !
what do you expect huh ?

mine n others privacy oke ?
asal ? da ramai sgt ker yang nak masuk rumah nie yang kau kepoh sgt ?
sangap duit sgt ker ?
mmg la tu hak kau..
barang aku kau jgn la usik !
sbb tu BARANG aku !
dah laa kau sepah kan..
ehh.. kau sumbat plak bwh katil ?
terbaekk ahh...
kiranya kau ingat aku takan jmpe la tuu..
chewahh..tak jumpenyerr... kan 3?
btw , nie hostel ker umah sewa weyh ?
umah sewa kan ?
yg men selamba derk masuk bilik ppuan tu kenapa PAKCIK ?
ehh..mane bleh men redah2 jer...
rumah nie aku sewa kott...
mane bleh kan ..
aku pn ade umah sewa jgk..
tapi tade ahh aku men suke2 jer nk pg masuk ..
yela..mentang2 tu umah aku..
so , aku bleh sesuka hati jer...
org dah sewa..kita kena la hormat kan ?
dah la tipu aku lak tu..

"ehh .. blik skrg.. nk masuk blik nie..tade kunci .."
-die mak aku ker ?
" hah ? tade kunci ? nga mkn nie"
" blik lahh..nk letak tade kunci "
" haa..oke..pas mkn sy blik "
- aik..ckp tade kunci..yg bnde nie dah ade terbongkang kat bilik aku nie cmner die masukkan ?pkai tgkap ker ?

yang die rajin sgt pergi beli semua bnde nie kenapa?
buat semak jer..
penat aku kemas2 nie..aduhh..


tuan rumah ape lahh cmnie -.-'

Friday, June 3, 2011

listen :)

: ROUND 1:
-He ask me on a date . then-

-I'll primp but wont be late. because-

-Is when we kiss inside his car. Wont go all the way but i'll go pretty fa-ar -

-He ask me for my hand and then-

-We'll book the wedding band so by-

-Much to your suprise-

everybody says that a guy who such a gem , wont look my way :)

'Gone Missing'

" You know what " I said.

" What? "

" We both ought to get out. Not just me ! Both of us . "

Honey hooked her hair back over her ears . I remember her eyes went all big and apprehensive . " you mean - "

" Leave home ! "

" Like run away ? "

" Yes . Absolutely ! Why not ? "

Honey whispered : " You're not serious ? "

I told her that I was in deadly earnest . I really meant it ! This wasn't just one of my fantasies.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

over the moon .

life is so weird ; nothing but ups and downs . I can't keep track of it ! one minute it's like whoosh , whiz , sizzle ! You're over the moon . And the next , back down to earth with a huge great thump . Down into a pit , full of gloom and despondency and deep dark despair . Which is where I was last night . I just didn't see how mum could be so mean . So utterly without any sympathy or understanding for my plight . Life is almost didn't seem worth living . Whereas today - wheee ! All of sudden , I 'm back over the moon . Half way to venus ! practically out of sight . I can go to the party after all !!!

No thnx to mum.. (but still luvyou) But hooray Dad ! he is THE BEST . I can always rely on Dad to stick up for me .