sNeAk a pEek iNsIde tHe bloG oF cUyA..wHo pRomIsEs dAt EveryThIng sHe wrItEs iS tRue or At LeaSt aS trUe aS it NeeDs to Be..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

DAY 63

mumy ...
why me mumy ??
why me ??
why he lie to me mumy ??
he punch me mumy..
he punch my heart ..
broke mine ...
ohh... such a sad sad thing...
but , why he did dis to me ?
what am i done to him mumy ?
juz giving all my love..
thats all...

nape ?
smpai aku tak layak dptkan kesungguhan mu.. cinta mu ??

haa dah dah..
yoo cuya .. chill chill ..
oke oke dah :)

chill ker ? ugh !

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