sNeAk a pEek iNsIde tHe bloG oF cUyA..wHo pRomIsEs dAt EveryThIng sHe wrItEs iS tRue or At LeaSt aS trUe aS it NeeDs to Be..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

change ?

change ? wat chnge ? sumthing is changing rite now.. its about u..n sum other stuff...
okeoke.. i realize dat uchnge urs.. n for dat moment...i think i should chnge mine too..but only for a moment..I guess i should not doin dat cause..technically , mine is clean as well.. i'm not scare because its just a stuff to play wit..not some personal things in our life..xtually , kind of personal too..but for u my darl..its evrything..u can explore mine if u want too.. but , about what u have done on dat stuff last sunday nite.. i'm surely cant take it as well..but nevamind...i guess u hav changed a lot..dat make me really sick ! there must be sumthing...................... ;?

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